Acoustics and Educational Pedagogy – The Synergy Between

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Undesirable acoustics in educational spaces have long been considered averse to our goals to effectively teach, create, collaborate, listen, and learn. The impact on students’ academic achievement, social adaptation and mental health can be vast and long lasting. In this class we will examine impact of different sound problems and how introduce solutions to mitigate them. Learn about solutions that create synergy between the architecture and the classroom environment to optimize student learning, student recruitment, and teacher retention.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand basic classroom acoustics.
  2. Identify the factors that affect our acoustic experience in a space and explain why noise distracts us and impacts our health, behavior, comfort, and emotions.
  3. Understand the impact of sound on productivity, creativity, educational performance.
  4. Identify supporting classroom environment changes that improve educational performance.
Sue Ann Highland, PhD
Sue Ann Highland, PhD
National Education Strategist, School Specialty  

Dr. Sue Ann Highland is the National Education Strategist for School Specialty. She is a retired building and district administrator with over 25 years’ experience working with schools and districts across the country. As a growth and improvement expert and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, she has extensive experience in developing professional development and systemic change initiatives. She has held positions such as consultant, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Principal, Federal Programs Director, and CTE Director with a specialty in turn around and improvement. She has worked with public, private, and charter organizations throughout her career. As an Industrial Organizational Psychologist, her passion is helping people and processes come together. She has provided coaching and consulting for districts in the areas of recovery from crisis, brain-focused instruction, collaborative learning, high risk instruction, Career and Tech Education programs, writing, and reading instruction among other topics. Over the last five years, she has had the opportunity to marry that district experience with work in instructional environments. She has the expertise to bring a district’s vision for teaching and learning and the physical environment together to create the most impactful spaces for students.

Slavi Younger
Slavi Younger
Educator on Acoustics, Fräsch Acoustics

Slavi is deeply involved in acoustic education to help the design community with acoustical knowledge and selecting proper solutions for any environment. She teaches multiple courses that are approved for a continuous education credit by the AIA and IDCEC. Fräsch is a member company of Catalyst Acoustics Group, an industry leader as an acoustical solution provider. Slavi takes a strategic role in the company as EVP of Sales and Marketing to help lead the organization in its continued growth and success. Slavi has been instrumental with the rapid growth of Fräsch by driving the sales and marketing efforts through innovative approaches in aesthetic acoustics.

Track: Research

This track elevates Research on learning and learning environments and focuses on methodology, findings, and implications for practice. Tangible takeaways are encouraged, including tools and resources that support innovation and improvements to learning environments. There is Art in how we utilize Science to improve our design outcomes and our design and research process. To this end, dissemination of research findings is a priority so that learning environments are re-imagined and enhanced based on evidence and measured impact, not based on trends.

Primary Core Competency
Design of Educational Facilities: Acts as a resource to the design team in providing ongoing guidance and support to ensure that the emerging and ultimate design aligns with the established community vision, education goals, future programming, written design standards, best/next practices and education policy.

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